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Bunk Bed Mattress Buying Guide


It can be an interesting exercise when buying bunk bed mattresses. There are different types of mattresses that can be suitable for bunk bed but not all of them.

So, here is a small guide that will surely make your decision for the perfect bunk bed mattress easier.

Ask yourself a few simple questions, like:

Bunk Bed Mattresses1. Who is it for?

That’s an important question to ask as who is going to use the mattress.

Is it for a small child or a teenager?

Generally, if it’s for a small child then there are choices of budget mattresses available in market for general use. This will be a very basic mattress without any technical specifications.

But, if it’s for a teenager then, one has to be careful on –

  • Which type of mattress to choose and what support they require to have?
  • What are their activities on bed and their health condition?

It would be advisable to purchase the mattress by ensuring if the teenager is comfortable or not on the mattress and also if the support system is good or not for his or her need ?

There are cheap mattresses in Perth or you can even go for latex mattresses for bunk beds mattresses.

2. What is the height between the bunk spaces?

The second most important thing to be considered is the space between the bunks. Some bunk beds have very limited space between the top and bottom bunks, while others could have a decent space. When buying a bunk bed mattress one must measure the space and ensure the height of the mattresses so that you and your kids can at least get in and sit comfortably.

3. Size of the bunk bed mattresses

Bunk beds can come in Single-Single, King Single and Double-Single sizes. Therefore, it is advised to purchase the bed and mattress together to ensure a solid and safe fit. Also, choose the bunk bed mattress that is not too heavy or bulky so that you can easily able to flip it over for top bunks.

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